All The Stats, Facts, And Data You’ll Ever Need To Know

Data You'll Ever Need To Know
12 Nov

All The Stats, Facts, And Data You’ll Ever Need To Know

Exchange travel gives you a chance to tour your favorite places in the world as you make your professional skills useful. In most cases, you work as a volunteer, and in exchange, you get housing, food, and medical benefits.

As we all know, numbers give you a hint of how different concepts perform, and this is not far from the truth in work for accommodation. Brace yourself as we look into exchange travel: all the stats, facts, and data you’ll ever need to know.

Volunteer Numbers Worldwide

Volunteers are crucial where they help initiate several projects and bring their labor where needed. Their labor plays a key role where the associated bodies cannot afford remuneration for workers.

A fantastic thing about volunteers is their numbers. According to the United Nations Volunteers, as of 2017, there were around 970 million volunteers worldwide. This is a significant fraction of the entire population, showing how people want to share their skills.

The impressive thing with the volunteers’ population is that most of them do the work voluntarily and expect no pay. This is a large pool of human resources that helps in projects like building schools, teaching, running libraries, and aiding in emergencies.

Top Countries by Volunteer Population

Which countries have the most volunteer percentage per population? The answer to this question takes you to South East Asia, where Sri Lanka takes the top spot, with 46% of the people volunteering their services at one point in their lives.

It means there is a probability of two to three in every five persons in Sri Lanka being a volunteer. Following closely are Myanmar and Turkmenistan at 43% each. The United States of America boasts of 42% of volunteers, taking the fifth position. 

Closing the top ten list is the Philippines and Ireland, both at 38%. Asia has the most countries with high volunteer numbers compared to other continents.

Top Destinations for Volunteers 

In the exchange for travel arrangements, Africa is the top destination for most of the volunteers. India seems to be the number one country that receives most volunteers and other parties interested in the work for the housing concept.

The main reason among most people taking on this concept is the alleviation of poverty. Roughly 85% of volunteers state poverty eradication as part of their inspiration. Other causes include cultural immersion, fighting diseases, and for educational purposes.

The Education Level of Volunteers

Education Level of Volunteers

Reports suggest that most of those who go for work in exchange for housing concepts have a high school diploma. Many have college degrees and have stable sources of income. This can explain their main inspiration for fighting poverty in areas where its ravaging is at an all-time high.

The Annual Worth of Volunteer Hours

You may underrate the work of volunteers until you know their worth. In 2017, the Independent Sector put the volunteer hourly pay rate at around $24. In a year, their worth is in the neighborhood of $167 billion in the USA only. The rate is higher when you account for the hours in other regions. 

Another thing to note is that the millennial generation contributes more human resources to volunteering activities than other generations. A possible explanation is that millennials value experience more compared to material possession. When you consider that work for accommodation exchange involves traveling, then it is worth their time. They also meet new people and experience diverse cultures, all of which make up for fun.

The Friendliest Countries for Exchange Travel

Friendliest Countries

When looking for an ideal country of exchange travel, you look at how friendly they are. Here are some of the friendliest countries you can visit to work for housing.



The Philippines




Aside from friendly people, they also boast of a decent climate and a vibrant culture.

Top Challenges Faced By Volunteers

Another reason why you should appreciate volunteers in the challenges they face. Here are some of the top challenges you may face in the work for accommodation scheme that affects over 80% of the workers.

Burnout due to long working hours.

Undervaluing in the workplace hierarchy.

Poor living conditions.

Ravaging by diseases, especially in tropical regions.

Hostile communities around. The situation is severe in war-torn areas.

Lack of sufficient resources.

Our Thoughts

The exchange for travel arrangements allows you to explore various regions of the world as you work. In return for your service, you get housing and meals. This is a great deal, mainly if you are from college and want to put some skills to use as you build your character.

This article highlights exchange travel; stats, and data and mostly leans on the volunteering aspect. Looking at the stats and data, you get the idea that it is a grown concept with more to achieve. Pay attention to the figures, which you can later use for comparison to see how fast they work for the housing exchange program develops.

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