What You Need to Know About Tree Trimming and Tree Stump Removal Services in Lancaster PA?

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12 Jul

What You Need to Know About Tree Trimming and Tree Stump Removal Services in Lancaster PA?

At the Specialty Tree Services in Lancaster PA, tree pruning, tree trimming and tree stump removal are some of the services we provide. 

Here are some things that you need to know about tree trimming and tree stump removal

What is tree trimming? 

Tree trimming is a procedure where in excessive growth of a tree is pruned away. These growth could have been blocking the view/landscape, disrupting wires and connections, or they must be disrupting the erection of new and potential structures. However, trees are mostly trimmed for safety purposes.

The branches that require the most attention in this process are the dead branches. Others that cross and rub against each other are also candidates for a tree trimming session. 

The tree trimming services entail that the branches of your trees can sustain harsh weather conditions and even storms. The procedure helps in the maintenance of the roots and durability of the tree. Moreover, by trimming a tree you enhance its fertility and productivity. 

What is a tree stump removal service?

There are instances when people try and cut the tree on their own. Or there are instance when a storm comes and destroys the tree. While the tree is no longer present, a part of it is left behind. The stump!

The stump of the tree can be left behind to rot. However, these stumps can block our roads, walkways, constructions, and can pose a threat to people living and walking around. They can come in our way, while we are driving and can cause mishaps. Therefore, to be safe from all such instances, the tree stump removal services are performed. These services entail the removal of the tree stump completely, giving people a healthy and safe environment to live in.

Whose responsibility is it?

For these two activities to be performed, state laws need to be followed. Permissions and consultations need to be taken. In certain cases the municipalities take up the responsibility, but in other it is your own responsibility.

Who does it?

For a tree trimming and tree stump removal service, you need to hire a professional. It is not recommended that you perform the task on your own. Professionals like us can perform the task meticulously, in the shortest possible time.


Hiring the right people, are we?

You need to follow the following simple steps to make an effective hire for you tree trimming services and tree stump removal. 

  • Check with your friends and family for the people they hired to perform these services for them. Your contacts can guide you and lead you to the best professionals. 
  • Find out for yourself about the professionals you get to know. Research about them, find their online reviews. Make good use of your internet connection. 
  • Make sure the professionals you are hiring are not just good at their job, but also they are licensed and insured. They must be willing to sign a contract with you. Also, they should possess their set of equipment for the services. 


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