What Do Honeycomb Cell Shades Have to Offer Your Home?

honeycomb cell shades
20 Jun

What Do Honeycomb Cell Shades Have to Offer Your Home?

Honeycomb cell shades are also known as cellular shades and cellular blinds. They have become increasingly popular over the years because of the advantages that they offer. Other shades, curtains, and blinds over sunlight protection or some degree of aesthetic value. Honeycomb cell shades, on the other hand, offer so much more than just that.

If you want to invest in installing shades into your home, invest in something useful. The benefits that cellular blinds can offer your home will surely make them worth the money you will spend.

6 Things that Honeycomb Cell Can Offer Your Home

Unlike other screens, cellular shades provide a host of benefits for any room they are placed in. These range from just aesthetics to temperature control. Here are 6 things that honeycomb cell shades can offer your home.

1. They are great at blocking out light.   
 Cellular shades, as the name implies, have cells inside them. This means that there are multiple layers of materials that separate your room from the outside. Having an extra layer of the material makes cellular shades better than normal shades in blocking out light.

If you want your room to be a tad brighter, on the other hand, you may opt to go for less opaque materials. These shades are highly customisable, so make sure you tell your manufacturer what you want.

2. They reduce noises from the outside.

The cells inside these shades also serve to block out and insulate sound waves. Placing them in any window can help sounds from the exteriors be blocked out. These will surely help you sleep better.

3. They are great at insulating a room.

Most of the heat lost in a home is through doors and windows. The cells of honeycomb cell shades serve to insulate heat. They have pockets of air inside them and are capable of reducing the amount of heat lost through windows. Installing these shades can help in keeping a room nice and cosy.

4. They can lower your costs on electricity in the long run.

Since these shades can insulate a room, this means that you will have to spend less on heaters. This can mean that your electricity consumption will be lessened in the long run. Any investment you make on these shades will surely be worth it.

5. They make your home safer for children and pets.

These shades also come in cordless options. Cords are seen as a risk for children and animals. Doing away with these hazards will help make your home a safer place.

6. They are beautiful additions to any room.

Cellular shades are highly customisable. You will surely find a colour and design that will match the aesthetic you are going for.

Have Your Honeycomb Cell Shades Installed Soon

These shades provide many benefits to your home. Make sure you get a manufacturer that knows what they are doing. Watson provides excellent-quality blinds, curtains, awnings, and shutters in Canberra. We are an Australian company that manufactures our products locally and ethically. Call us at 02 6280 4443 for further enquiries.


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